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June 16, 2009 11 comments

Every person needs joy and here is how you get it:


J         O           Y

e          t           o

s         h           u

u        e            r

s         r            s

           s            e





You see, if you put Jesus first in your life, others second, and yourself last, you will have pure joy. Have a blessed day.




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June 4, 2009 8 comments

Say one day you decide to drive around town. You look to your left and see a dying homeless man, you look to your right and see a small child digging through a dumster scrounging around for food. You ask God, “WHY? Why do you let this happen? Do something!” Then God shakes his head looks down on you and says, “I did do something. I made you.” Immediately you are put to shame. You didn’t understand the mind of God. Of course who can? He loves everbody and made you to love him, love others, and tell others about him. You see, as much as you doubt God and blame God, he loves you. You have to realize, in the beginning the world was perfect and then, Adam and Eve sinned. We all do. Please visit our what to do and Jesus saves page.


                                                         ~ Alana and Sarah A.K.A The Only Smiles team

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