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Important Prayer Request

August 23, 2009 8 comments

 Sasammygirl has brought to our attention that a young woman named Sabrina just resently commit suicide. She took a gun shot to the head and died about 2 days ago. We would like everyone to keep Sabrina’s friends and family in your prayers. It is terrible when a young person who has there whole life ahead of them does something like this. Hopefully God’s grace saved her and she is in Heaven. I hope to one day meet this young woman and hear her story. We hope you will all think of Sabrina when someone talks about sucide and try to stop anyone who is considering it.

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6th Commandment

August 20, 2009 5 comments

 The sixth commandment is Thou shalt not murder. Ok, so many of us read this commandment and say oh, I’ve never and will never murder a man. Well, Jesus said that hating a person is just as bad as murdering a person…. so hate is the same as murder! I know I have hated people in my life. I know that I will in the future, so I am guilty of this sin. So, you could be found guilty of this sin by hating or murdering a person… gets you thinking doesn’t it… how many people have you murdered? Have a blessed day! 🙂

                                                    ~ The OnlySmiles Team A.K.A Lana and Sarah

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5th Commandment/ New Page

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

 I believe the 5th commandment gets easier the older we get. But, no matter how old we are, it is always something we will break. Honor Thy mother and Thy father that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God has given you. This is the only commandment with a promise. Now this commandment simply says that you should obey and respect your parents. It also says that if you do you will live a long life. Pretty simple huh? So a commandment we can follow with practice… and a promise… sounds pretty great to me! 🙂 In other news a new page has been added called Tell Us What You Think. Have a blessed day everyone!


                                                              ~ The OnlySmiles Team A.K.A Lana and Sarah

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4th Commandment

August 4, 2009 1 comment

 The 4th commandment is very simple and fairly easy to follow. Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Now the Sabath Day is Sunday and this really just means that we shouldn’t work and just to rest on Sunday and take that day to worship God… it’s really simple. Have a blessed day!

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